The Proof Is In The Whisky

Whiskey connoisseurs are warming to the cozy heat of high-proof Bourbons, including those bottled at cask strength
| By Jack Bettridge | From Cuba After The Embargo, July/August 2022
The Proof Is In The Whisky
Photos/Jeff Harris
When you stroll through your favorite high-end liquor store, admiring the brown bottles of Bourbon that stretch from one end of the shelf to the other, you might find yourself searching for something a bit unusual. One element you should consider is the one that is the most basic of all: alcohol content. By seeking out a Bourbon that goes into the bottle with little in the way of additional water, you’re sampling the spirit as it tastes straight from the cask. More than a few whiskey connoisseurs will argue that such boosted alcohol concentrations are how God intended Bourbon to be enjoyed. Bourbons often labeled with such terms as “cask strength,” “barrel proof” …
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