Cigar Aficionado

The Prometheus Traveler

Flight regulations have birthed a new breed of air-friendly accessories for cigar smokers. The latest addition is the Traveler lighter from Prometheus International Inc.

We all know the story. Airport regulations limit lighter use. Gone are the days of enjoying a cigar (inside the terminal in many cases), sticking a favorite lighter into your carry-on bag and going onto the plane with fire at arm's reach upon arrival. But rather than curse the darkness…well, you know.

The torch-flame Traveler lighter disassembles into three parts to accommodate before- and after- flight smoking. In-flight smoking, of course, is out of the question. After lighting up before your flight, slide the lighter frame apart into two pieces, exposing the plastic compartment that holds the butane. Detach the gas tank, throw it away, and carry the upper and lower frames of the lighter separately on board. Put the empty frames in your carry-on or pocket (don't forget to take it out before crossing through the metal detectors) and board the plane. Don't worry, the lighter is rendered useless now that it is just a piece of metal. In your checked baggage, you can stow spare fuel cells or another fully assembled lighter in the Prometheus Lighter Travel Case, which was recently approved by the Department of Transportation in October. Get your luggage at the baggage claim, retrieve a full fuel cell, reassemble the lighter and spark your smoke.

The Prometheus Traveler is available at local tobacconists and has a suggested retail price range of $25 to $125 depending on the lighter style. The travel case retails for $19.95.