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The Power of Positive Drinking

It’s almost like the power of positive drinking…
…strike that…
…positive thinking.
I’ve no sooner put to bed a story on rum for Cigar Aficionado (August 2007 issue) than arrives from the trade organization The Rums of Puerto Rico ( an insulated backpack (with a set of luggage wheels, no less) that contains a bottle each of Don Q Cristal and Don Q Citrus Rum.
Am I that transparent?
Of course, this all plays into what I’ve been thinking and writing about lately: rum, in all its iterations—light, gold and dark—is on the upswing right now. Probably most remarkable is the white spirit part of that equation—it’s the fastest growing white spirit in the U.S. But lots of new rums are debuting as lighter spirits, belying the notion that liquor has to be dark to be good.
Puerto Rico plays a big part in that development, having been instrumental in trying to standardize a drink that has almost no international regulation. In particular, all Puerto Rican rums must be aged a minimum of one year—even the colorless ones. Consequently some legendary rums come from there, the aforementioned as well Ron Barrilito, Castillo and Bacardi.
Going into the summer as we are, I am very excited about the possibilities for rum cocktails and especially for pairing cigars with rum. The latter, I think, is especially well-advised during the summer months.
Does anyone else feel they turn to thoughts of rum in the warm weather?

"Jack, I bought the Montechristo rum out of your earlier recommendation. I was never a rum drinker but I think it might be the best compliment to a cigar. Also try Tommy Bahama's new line of rums. They are perfect for the summer." —June 12, 2007 17:53 PM
"I recently attended a cigar dinner at the Hilton Waikoloa Resort, after dinner as most of us started our first smokes of the evening, we tasted several alcohols to accompany the cigars. I soon found myself sipping on Pyrat rum, a nice compliment to my CAO MX2, and great for a warm May evening." —June 8, 2007 06:14 AM