The Poker Brat

Phil Hellmuth has more championship bracelets than anyone in the game as well as a penchant for outbursts and a savvy eye for business
| By Michael Kaplan | From Gambling Guide, May/June 2022
The Poker Brat
They don’t call Phil Hellmuth the Poker Brat for nothing. He is notorious for John McEnroe caliber meltdowns and storm-outs. Cursing cards, bad-mouthing opponents’ play, trashing the very idea of luck, he unleashes profane tirades that are eye-grabbing sideshows on World Series of Poker telecasts. Some believe that he went too far at last year’s final table in the $10,000 buy-in seven card stud championship at the Rio in Las Vegas. Enduring a bad run against Anthony Zinno, he stewed, fumbled chips and declared in a monotone, “So unfucking fair, man. I play like a fucking genius every fucking day. I think I am going to burn this fucking place down if I don’t win this …
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