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The Montecristo Generation

Habanos S.A., the global distribution and marketing company for Cuban cigars, has been trying to keep a large number of new cigar releases under wraps for this month’s Habanos Festival, including a line extension for the Montecristo brand and a new size for Trinidad.  But it’s failed after some obscure websites reported on a number of the novelties.

Participants of the festival in Havana will have the chance to smoke four new Montecristos on the opening night celebration on February 23. The four cigars in the new Montecristo Open range are the Junior, 38 ring gauge by 4 1/3 inches, the Regatta, 46 by 5 1/3 inches, the Master, 50 by 4 7/8 inches, and Eagle, 54 by 5 7/8 inches. The four cigars carry the traditional brown and cream Montecristo band but they also don a second green band with gold and white lettering. My sources at Habanos say that the Eagle and Regatta are unique vitolas for the brand and have never been produced before.

The cigars will be sold in newly decorated boxes compared to the classic line of Montecristo. In addition, all four will be available in tubes.

“We want to give something new to the Montecristo and the Habanos for the new generation,” said an amigo at Habanos. “We want to make something attractive to the new generation. Who are they? They are people in their early 30s and getting interested in the good life – from polo and boats to cars and tennis.”

I hope this “Montecristo Generation” still exists with the current economic meltdown. Regardless, the new Montecistos will be a welcome addition to Habanos. I heard that the cigars are similar to the Edmundo in flavor, meaning not particularly strong or light, but just right in my opinion. Vamos a ver—we will see.

A robusto in the Trinidad family, measuring 50 ring gauge by 4 7/8 inches, will be a welcome addition as well. And it will be sold in cool looking, new aluminum tubes. A couple of nights ago I smoked a new production Trinidad Fundadores, 40 ring gauge by 7 1/2 inches, and it was fabulous. The cigar, the first commercial size of Trinidad, was smoking like a dream with a spicy, coffee and tobacco character that started with a bang on the palate and then mellowed as the cigar was smoked. It shows so much wonderful perfume and flavor. 93 points, unblind. I hope the new robusto delivers the same flavor.

"Well (first of all, sorry about my english), I really think that's a global Generation, and I can see, even in Brasil, a lot of new cigar aficionados, not only Montecristo smokers, but, and most of then, a Romeo y Juliet smokers. And I have to say, in Brasil Cigars - charutos - are extremely expensive! So, vamos ver! Boa Viagem!" —February 5, 2009 09:22 AM
"Hey Jose. I will ask around, but I think that all the capero uno was a write off!" —February 4, 2009 18:35 PM
"James,Will this new line of Montecristos be a regional or worldwide release?" —February 4, 2009 14:58 PM
"Interesting that they're going for the Eddie profile, which has always struck me as a third distinct flavor set in the MC line, with the MC 2 and 4 representing a couple other blends. Must reflect their sense of where the younger palate lies, though I find the comment from the Habanos exec oddly bourgeois for a Cuban company." —February 4, 2009 20:51 PM
"Nelson. It's worldwide but the United States!" —February 4, 2009 18:36 PM
"James, have you been able to smoke any cigars with capero uno wrapper, if you have let me know your thoughts, take care." —February 4, 2009 14:58 PM