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The Mini Cigar Bar

In Max Benjamin's view, a day lounging in some beautiful remote locale is not enough. To complete the respite and truly pamper oneself, the start-up company believes you need a Mini Cigar Bar within arm's reach.

The Mini Cigar Bar is a messenger bag that has no interest in carrying papers or files. Instead, it comes equipped with just about everything you need to have a cigar-lovers picnic. Crafted in fine leather with metal detailing and locking clasps, the parcel's cushioned interior is partitioned into three sections large enough to fit three bottles of your favorite spirit. The leather dividers in the bag are adjustable for most normal sized bottles, but don't try to squeeze in a handle's worth of Southern Comfort.

If it's a light day and you're only donning one bottle, take advantage of the Mini's host of accoutrements to fill the other two slots. A quartet set of acrylic tumblers are included, along with a torch flame lighter, a cylindrical cedar-lined travel humidor with a seven- to nine-cigar capacity, and another cylindrical container, which is insulated and zips closed claiming to keep ice cubes cool for up to four hours without leakage. The pack also sports three secure pockets on the front for any other little accessories you may need. On the back, there's a handy Velcro flap, which can be used to fasten the bag to a golf cart or to the top of a piece of roller luggage.

The Mini Cigar Bar is the creation of Max Benjamin LLC, a start-up company targeting the luxury-conscious traveler. The Mini hit the market this month and retails for $295. It is available at