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The Metallic Blue Lighter

Prometheus is going through its blue period. Like Picasso, the company has found inspiration in the primary color, and has slipped it around its familiar torch lighters.

Prometheus lighters have always sported more traditional colors such as chrome, silver and gunmetal. The blue is a bit of a departure from the norm. Although it is just a color change, the steely blue has a retro look reminiscent of the paint on your childhood bicycle. It has a glossy mirrored finish, which is offset by the chrome metal trim. The old favorites on the lighter remain the same, such as the adjustable, wind-resistant butane flame and the fuel-monitoring window.

The new blue will be available on a number of Prometheus items including the slim Apex, the muscle-bound Hammer and its squat cousin the Xen, the Sledge and the Magma. Metallic Blue finish lighters retail between $59.95 and $125, depending, on the model.

Available at fine tobacconists.