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The Marlin Bar Ashtray

The Marlin Bar Ashtray

Summer makes one yearn for white sand beaches, tropical drinks and fine cigars, and every cigar smoker always needs a good place to hold his smoke. Enter the Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar Ashtray.

The white ceramic, circular ashtray has four holders sized for cigars, with "Marlin Bar" written in stylish blue type on the side. The font is similar to the type used on the classic Stork Club ashtrays of New York City.

In the bowl where your ash collects is the image of a marlin, the type of sport fish that would put up a mighty battle if hooked off the Florida Keys. The Tommy Bahama wording on the inside is pleasantly subtle.

The ashtray seems perfectly suited for a deck or a beachside table, fine places to smoke indeed. The ceramic ashtray, which is 7 1/4 inches in diameter and 1 1/2 inches tall, retails for $38.