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The Mark Mender

A bevy of products have been created over the past few years that have attempted to accommodate the needs of the cigar-smoking golfer. The Mark Mender is one more, but in the course of making your round a bit easier, it just may improve the golf course and the taste of your cigar.

It's essentially a clothespin modified into a divot replacement tool and holder for your cigar. Release the latch at the top of the plastic and metal contraption and the pressurized hinge opens like a folding chair. At one end, there are prongs designed to dig into the ground on either side of a divot. Placing your thumb and forefinger on the grips at the opposite end of the prongs, insert the prongs in the ground around the indentation and gently squeeze together so that the dimple in the green closes up. Pat it down with your putter or toe and the grass will be like the green on every other approach shot you've every attempted…pristine.

And if you didn't plant the ball in the green from 150 yards out and had to wedge it on from the bunker, don't fret. You can still use the Mender. Unlatch it and stick it in the ground as a pedestal of sorts for your smoke, a good idea, given the amount of treatments applied to a typical golf course to keep the grass green. There is also a magnetic ball marker attached to the tool that can be detailed with a company logo or personal nameplate.

The Mark Mender has been out for a few years but was recently adapted into a longer, sleeker version. It has a suggested retail price of $9.99. Package deals are available.

Call 888-MENDER2 or go to for more information.

Photo by Lynn Berry