Cigar Aficionado

The Lift Lighter

Easier to operate than heavy construction equipment and less painful than a youth-infusing operation from a plastic surgeon, the Colibri Lift Lighter uses hydraulics to hoist its cap so that you don't have to. There were probably other ways of accomplishing this feat, such as an intricate rope and pulley system, but that can be loud and cumbersome. The hydraulics achieves the task with smoothness and style.

Touch the button on the front of the lighter and the arced lid smoothly crests backward, revealing the ignition chamber underneath. Click the switch again to fire up the hissing, blue, wind-resistant torch. The lighter has a unique shape, almost like a futuristic toboggan. It is thin, fitting nicely inside a pocket, and the curved head conforms to the contours of the hand comfortably. The lighter also includes some old favorites like an adjustable flame and a fuel-monitoring window.

The Lift is available in black lacquer, satin silver, gunmetal and red-and-black gradient lacquer. All are trimmed in polished silver and come with a leather carrying pouch. The Lift lighters have a suggested retail price of $78 and can be purchased at fine tobacconists. For more information, call 1-800-556-7354.