The Legal Battle Over Pepin Garcia

Eduardo Fernandez has sued Jose "Pepin" Garcia along with Garcia's son Jaime and daughter Janny. Fernandez and the Garcias are partners in El Rey de Los Habanos, the tiny cigar factory in Little Havana where Pepin emerged as the new star of the cigar business.

Fernandez has accused Garcia and his children of taking trademarks from El Rey de Los Habanos as well as elements of the company's private-label cigar business and transferring the assets without his knowledge to My Father Cigars, a much larger factory in Nicaragua owned by the Garcia family and not by Fernandez.

The suit centers around one of the hottest names in the premium cigar business.

For much more on this story, see today's issue of Cigar Insider.

"I always thought it was a bit "off" that suddenly all those former El Rey brands had become MF brands. I hope that the courts get it right. It is just too bad that the Garcias and Fernandez have to go to court to find a solution." —May 25, 2011 13:26 PM