The Jonas Effect
Photos/David Needleman
Cigar lover Nick Jonas is in the midst of a very busy year, with several films, a hit album and a long-awaited reunion tour with his brothers
It’s late afternoon on a quiet block in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. A man walks down the street, lifting a Cuban Cohiba to his mouth. This isn’t a 50-something executive enjoying a puff on a warm afternoon, but a much younger man, with a thick head of black hair, an athletic build and a pair of narrowed, brown eyes that just can’t be disguised by the unexpected presence of a cigar. Two girls, who look to be about 20 years old, are walking by. They can’t believe whom they’ve seen. “That’s not him,” says one, holding on tight to her friend, as if she might fall. “That’s not him.” She hides her head in her shoulder, a huge grin on her face. Yeah, it’s …
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