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The Jefferson Humidor

Humidor makers tend to bring in a lot of dark, exotic and burled material such as zebrawood or African olivewood for their finishes, and they can create beautiful works of art. But those rare finishes aren’t always the best fit for the room where you want to keep your smokes. With the Diamond Crown American Series humidors, J. C. Newman Cigar Co., which produces Diamond Crown cigars, has a few great options for the smoker who values simple elegance over flair.

The Jefferson Humidor is 100 percent solid cherry hardwood with a traditional oak finish. Worthy of the presidential name of the famous scholar and architect, the humidor is rustic and tasteful, with a style that really appeals to a colonial aesthetic. Think the PBS show “The New Yankee Workshop.”

Brass hinges give it a freshly buffed appeal. Sharp details and a colonial style make it a lovely alternative to the typical dark-wood finishes offered by many producers. Macassar ebony and mahogany may be great for dark smoking parlors and hunting lodges, but the finish of the Jefferson Humidor is bright and eye catching and would be equally at home in a beach house, cabin or workshop.

With a 95-cigar capacity, the humidor is on the smaller side of capacity; fans of longer smokes should be made aware that double coronas have to be stored lengthwise. But the seal is tight, and the included digital hygrometer and humidification device are precise and don’t take a lot of upkeep. Humidity levels stayed pretty even during a two-month test, and didn’t dip when neglected for a couple weeks. That also makes this humidor an above-average workhorse when it comes to long-haul storage for aging purposes.

For about $350 the construction and reliability make this humidor a deal. You’re not getting a lot of bells and whistles, but at the end of the day you don’t have to worry about cracking veneers or an ineffective seal.

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