Review: The Hacienda Humidor

Review: The Hacienda Humidor
Photo/Jeff Harris

There are two types of desktop humidors—uninspired wooden boxes and works of art. The Hacienda Humidor from Brizard & Co. falls squarely into the latter category. It’s constructed from vintage black walnut, a wood that’s prized for its dark color, grain lines and hefty strength. Hewn from logs more than half a century old, each piece has its own rugged character with superficial knotholes, cuts, grooves and splits in the wood. No two are exactly the same. It looks at home in a villa by the sea or in a modern Manhattan high-rise with reclaimed wood furnishings.

The exterior features wrought iron hardware from Guadalajara. Two large rings connect to the body and a handle attaches to the heavy lid, which feels good and powerful in the hand. The hardware marries bold, utilitarian elements with elegant details. The bottom of the humidor is covered in distressed, full-grain leather, keeping it from sliding or scratching your table. Each Hacienda has a lock-and-key mechanism with leather tassel, to secure your cigars from prying eyes.

The interior is lined with Spanish cedar and features a notched airflow system in the wood—much like a raised grill—that allows for improved air circulation and humidity diffusion around the cigars within the humidor. The inside of the lid is magnetized, and each Hacienda ships with a magnetic hygrometer and one or two carved blocks of Spanish cedar, also magnetized, for securing Boveda humidity packets on the underside of the lid. The standard-sized Hacienda has two cedar Boveda holders. A smaller size includes one. Both models include Boveda humidity packets. When the packets run dry, replacements can be found at most retail tobacconists.

The standard version ($895, pictured here) is 14 inches long by 12 inches wide by 5 inches high with a 75-cigar capacity. The smaller version ($590) is 11 3/4 inches by 9 1/4 inches by 4 1/4 inches and holds 30 cigars. Measurements for both versions are approximate, and may be slightly larger or smaller due to variations in the wood. Both models are made in the United States.

The Hacienda is a unique statement piece with a robust, masculine aesthetic. And when you’ve had it with unoriginal, run-of-the-mill humidors, there’s only one thing left to do—get a humidor that nobody else has.