Cigar Aficionado

The Grip Clip

Grip it and rip it, clip it and cast it or latch it and lounge. The Grip Clip is a handy tool for the active and, well, inactive cigar smoker, aiding in the avoidance of dirty, soggy or sandy smokes.

Often you need to take the cigar out of your mouth and concentrate on a task, whether it be driving a golf ball, casting out a line or just plain kicking back on the beach. Then comes the question of what to do with the cigar? Since few have mastered the Churchwellian art of cigar smoking while doing just about anything, the Grip Clip presents a viable solution to this dilemma.

With a solid, wood construction and a dark mahogany finish, the Grip Clip looks like an oversized clothespin that has been prescribed a strict diet of performance enhancers. The adjustable elastic-tension grip can grab a golf bag, fence post or just about anything else, saving your smokes from the wet rough, a saturated boat deck or the sandy beach.

The Grip Clip is made by GF Enterprises and retails for $14.95 at fine tobacconists.