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The Griffin's Fiberglass Humidor

Used in everything from home insulation to airplanes, fiberglass is making its way into the humidor market as well. Known mostly for its practical application, it seems more useful to an engineer then to a humidor maker. Griffin's, however, has found the material to have aesthetic appeal and created the Fiberglass humidor.

The Fiberglass humidor substitutes a traditional wood veneer for a layer of ultra-fine glass filament. This gives the exterior of the humidor a shimmering, three-dimensional effect due to the refraction of light between the white and silver fibers assembled into a weave pattern. It looks almost like chain mail, but the surface is quite smooth with a multilayered lacquer coating and a mirror finish.

The classic marks of good craftsmanship are still present. The seal has that soft, pleasant puff of air, and the veneer pattern runs uninterrupted across the seam -- a telltale sign that the lid is smartly aligned with the base. The interior is lined with Sapele wood, and the bottom of the box is covered with dark leather padding.

The Griffin's Fiberglass humidor is available in three sizes: 50-, 75- and 100-cigar capacity and comes equipped with a Griffin's humidification unit. The small model retails for $820, the medium for $1,050 and the largest for $1,280. For more information call 1 800 232-8436.