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The Draft Night Smoke

Where did the summer go? A few weeks ago I was on vacation in Vermont, and last week I was in Houston at the RTDA. Both are in my rear-view mirror now. On top of that, I’m one week away from my fantasy football draft. Summer is just about over.

Don’t get me wrong: I love the start of football season, particularly fantasy football season. I wrote a story about fantasy football for Cigar Aficionado last year, and this year I’m resuming my so far unsuccessful quest to win the league I started several years ago.

Draft night is a big cigar night. I usually bring a couple of boxes for myself and the 11 other guys who manage teams in my neighborhood league. About half of the guys are regular cigar smokers, and the other half light up on a special occasion. Draft night is that type of occasion.

I typically fire up a monster on draft night. Last year it was a Tatuaje RC 233, a tapered cigar that’s more than 9 inches long and 55 ring gauge, and very strong. It lasted me most of the draft. This year I’m going to try either a Fuente Fuente OpusX “A”, or a Cohiba Siglo VI Tubo a friend recently gave me. Heck, maybe I’ll smoke both of them. I’m in no rush.

Has any one else out there been bitten by the fantasy football bug?

"I have been a long time hockey fan and accordingly, prefer to partake in fantasy hockey. I joined a random league through a link on and when all 12 of us were in contact, we were given the option of live or auto draft. Since we all lived in the same area, I proposed we meet up and make a day of it, and they all agreed. Fast forward to draft day at my house, when one of the leaguers notice a box of Hoyos on my desk. When I found out he enjoyed cigars, about half of us lit up while the others tossed back some cold ones. A great night created out of simple motivation to bond over sports and, unintentionally, a couple of great cigars." —October 7, 2010 22:58 PM
"Frank, I'm no fan of the auto-draft. It just doesn't work for me. Yes, bring back the live draft and the fun will go up exponentially." —August 30, 2007 10:52 AM
"Hey Dave,Yes - some of the boys @ Club Perfecto formed our own Fantasy Football league a few seasons ago. It is a frequent source of good humored chiding among us throughout the year, even during the "off-season". I expect it will once again provde many hours of entertainment, amusement, and fodder for much trash talking (for which I claim the league title, although I can lay claim to little else in our league - for even though I played and now coach football, when it comes to fantasy, I just can't seem to get it done). Anyway, unfortunately we auto draft, but I do recall years ago, for both fantasy football and baseball, draft nights were serious occassions for cigar filled conference rooms and alot of bs flying around. Damn the auto draft - we should bring back the live draft.The League - CT Penal LeagueThe Host - http://www.espn.comThe Commish - Hydra (aka J. Falanga)Another excellent topic - Thanks Dave!!!Hope to see you @ Club Perfecto sometime soon.Big Smoke Rings.....oooo0000OOOOOOO" —August 23, 2007 14:00 PM
"I was in a few FF leagues in the past and enjoyed the draft day and competitive ribbing with the guys but found myself not enjoying cheering for a good performance out of players on teams that were rivals to my home town team.STILL cigars and football go together! " —August 17, 2007 20:26 PM
"oh man don't even get me started. I have had 3 conference calls already with my brothers in Florida and North Carolina to discuss our draft strategy and have been watching ESPN religiously to find out if any injuries have occured. Man I love this time of year." —August 17, 2007 12:37 PM