Cigar Aficionado

The Divix Golf Tool

If you like your golf gadgets as much as your cigar toys, you'll love the The Divix Golf Tool from Holt's Cigar Co. It's a fun, functional way to step onto the greens and pay attention to your cigar as well as your game.

The Divix puts three essentials of golf in the palm of your hand and makes landing on the green even more enjoyable. Say you drop your ball four feet from the hole after a beautiful 7 iron from the fairway. Strut up and uncork the divot repair tool, which snaps out like a switchblade at the push of a button and is made of heat-treated stainless steel, and smooth out the divot. Pick up the ball to get it out of the way for your partners on the fringe, and set down your marker, which is magnetically attached to the tool's carbon-fiber textured handle. Now it's time to smoke. Prepare a cigar using the stainless steel punch cutter, which is recessed in the handle. The Golf Tool is compact as well: it's only 2 3/4 inches long when closed and 4 1/2 inches when the blades are opened.

Put the tool back into your pocket. Lean on your putter and calmly puff while you wait for your turn.

The Divix retails for $19.95 in the Holts Cigar Co. catalogue.