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The Director Lighter from Colibri

In a world that's loaded with cigar lighters, it can be difficult for smokers to find something to separate one high-end lighter from the next. Some people prefer a jet-flame lighter, others a regular flame; some a dual flame, others a single flame. In the end, the important thing is that the lighter lights a cigar.

So what is influencing buyers? Looking at the recent trend, the answer may be two-in-one lighters that include something besides a flame, such as a cutter, a compass, a knife, and so on. The Director from Colibri is the latest lighter to follow that trend.

The Director is an addition to Colibri's Quantum line. A butane lighter that features a wind-resistant, electronic ignition system, the Director allows you to light your cigar when the weather isn't cooperating. The Director also has a retractable, stainless steel cigar scissors that provides a clean and convenient cut for your cigar.

The Director lighter is available in four colors: black matte, black lacquer, gunmetal and satin silver. The lighters retail for $79.50 and are available at cigar shops carrying Colibri products.