Cigar Aficionado

The Dangers of Blogging?

So I walk to the driveway and pick up my newspaper the other day, and there it is right on page one—blogging kills. Apparently there have been a couple of deaths by blogging, where stressed out writers have succumbed to the pressures of the job and died.

Who knew our jobs were so dangerous to merit a page one story in The New York Times? Sure, I’ve bit my nails down to the quick on a Cubana Airlines flight, and those close encounters with tarantulas in Honduras and erupting volcanoes in Ecuador have given me a bit of agita, but I never knew that the roughest part of my work was what I’m doing now, sitting in front of a Mac and typing away about my thoughts.

Maybe it isn’t blogging per se, but the type of blogging that poses the risk. I’d like to think that the Cigar Aficionado blogger is a more relaxed blogger than your typical web log journalist. Ours is a lifestyle magazine, so our blogs reflect that. We typically write about the best part of our days, that time when we sit back with a great smoke and savor it in all its glory.

So just in case you were worried about all of us after reading that story, rest assured. We’re gonna be OK.

"Dave,Fairly new to CA. I can tell you that the experience provided by yourself and the crew is exceptional. Information is top notch. The diversity of subjects is right on target. While I know deadlines are stressful, it is good to hear the atmosphere at the publication is on par with the experience provided to the clientele.Keep up the great work. " —April 13, 2008 20:33 PM
"Dave: I absolutely agree with you in that the blow-up and threatening stress comes from the type of topics to write about. Recently, my company started their Business blog, and currently with the financial turmoil and utter crisis of mortgages, credit securities and recent strains in market industry trends. I mean there is enough coverage of this in CNN, newspapers and TV, that who wants to write about it. At least CA has forums and their blogs that bring me joy to hear about the wonderful cigars and spirits that we all can enjoy to get by just about anything. Well, let's hope a recession period is mere myth. Keep up the good work!" —April 11, 2008 15:31 PM