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The Danger of Smoking Cigars

I had a nasty run-in with a Juan Lopez Selección No. 1 the other night! It was after a serious wine tasting dinner at my house with Bibi Gratez, the hipster winemaker/owner of one of my favorite wines in Tuscany, Testamatta.

I had already smoked the most of the corona gorda (46 ring gauge by 5 5/8 inches) when it slipped out of my hand and bounced onto the inside of my left elbow--ash down.

I got branded! It hurt like a mother. In fact, three days later it still looks like a birthmark--two in fact. Look at the video.

Man. Smoking a fine cigar can be dangerous f---ing business. Be careful! Cuidado! Don’t forget that the end of a burning cigar can reach temperatures of something like 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dropping a burning cigar can do all sorts of damage. I remember my brother Johnny once found that a client’s Porsche couldn’t use its retractable spoiler because the guy had thrown his cigar out the sunroof and somehow it ended up lodged between the main body and the wind gear. Bozo! Luckily, Johnny doesn’t work at the main San Diego Porsche dealership anymore, so he doesn’t have to deal with cabrons like that any more. But it’s a pretty funny story.

Have you had any funny experiences with dropped smoldering smokes?

"It happens on a near daily basis." —July 4, 2008 18:42 PM
"My mishap occured one night about twenty years ago with some friends over for a visit and some cigars. After many drinks and not paying attention, I reached for my lit cigar to take a draw off of it. I was not looking as I picked it up and stuck it in my mouth. It was then that I realized that I placed my cigar in my mouth burning end in. I got a mouth full of ash, but I guess the Cigar gods were looking down on me because I didn't get burned! I very careful now!" —June 25, 2008 22:29 PM
"This past Saturday, I was enjoying Trinidad Fundadore with my fianc¿n our boat at our normal destination "cocktail cove". After finding the perfect spot to drop anchor, I ran to the front of the boat (cigar in hand) to throw the anchor out. Unfortunately my fianc¿ leg was in between my cigar and the anchor toss area... after a loud scream of @#$@! I quickly expressed my regrets and apologized." —July 14, 2008 15:35 PM