Cigar Aficionado

The Clip Lighter

You were saving your smoke for the summit, but realize mid-climb that you may not make it. Dangling from the side of a cliff with a cigar in your mouth, you haven't the inclination to fish through your pants pockets for a lighter. Good thing you're packing the new Solo Clip lighter, which is hanging within arm's reach to your belt.

The Clip is a metal-plated lighter that has been formed into a carabiner clip -- an oblong loop with a spring hinge on one side —- the kind you see on mountain-climbing ropes. Slide back a button on the top to electrically trigger a windproof torch flame. The fuel chamber is contained within the solid side of the clip and the flame adjustment and refill valve are located on the bottom. If you are engaged in active pursuits, say hiking up a steep rocky slope, hauling in a giant salmon in a river or just shooting for par at your local golf course, this device would come in quite handy.

There is no locking mechanism on the Clip, so it's possible the lighter could slip from your belt when you're thousands of feet above sea level. Still, the hold seems adequately secure and capable of withstanding a rigorous jolt.

Other releases from Solo with a similar goal in mind are also combinations of a lighter and another outdoorsy instrument. The Solo Adventurer lighter, for instance, features a compass, and the Explorer features a small flashlight.

The Solo Clip lighter is made in China and comes in four colors: black, blue, pewter and red. It has a suggested retail price of $14 and is available at tobacconists throughout the United States.

Photo by Mary Galligan