The Clan of the Man Cave
Photo/Laura Barisonzi
When Paul Huston’s local cigar bar closed, he took matters into his own hands, creating a cigar lounge next to his home.
How a seeming disaster prompted one cigar lover to create a smoking sanctum of his own
The distressing news came to Paul Huston from the Davidoff Cigar Lounge of Greenwich (Connecticut) in an e-mail: “Unfortunately, the lounge is closing at the end of the month.” That same night, half the membership had gathered at the club to commiserate. “Everyone was saying, ‘How did this happen? We should have figured out a way,’ ” recalls Huston. “It was like an Irish wake.” Relating his seemingly tragic story almost two years later, the chairman of a private equity firm, with his boyish platinum hair, angular face and dignified, patrician demeanor, is curiously upbeat. Maybe because of the plot twist that turned the tale around. As Huston sat among the …
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