Cigar Aficionado

The Circular Flame Lighter

Even if you took away the name and called it something different, the Circular Flame Lighter from Porsche Designs would still remind you of the turbo pumping innards of a high-performance German sports car or a 1970s American muscle mobile.

Like the aforementioned autos, the Circular Flame lighter has a solid, sturdy feel. It's a bit heavier than the average turbo lighter and its "twin-shaft" cylindrical shape is reminiscent of a pair of engine pistons. Sleek, smooth lines and rounded edges lend it an aerodynamic look. Its unique cap, which folds away laterally as opposed to lifting up, reveals an automatic ignition switch atop one of the pistons and a circular flame-ejection port atop the other.

Butane hisses from the perforated port, emitting a ghostly, wavering blaze. The flame does not have the rocket-power appearance of the turbo jet or laser-flame lighter, but don't be fooled. It is wind resistant and voluminous enough to spark a large ring gauge cigar. The lighter also comes with a fuel monitoring window and a good-sized fuel tank.

Integral Corp. is authorized to distribute Porsche Design smoking materials exclusively in the United States. The Circular Flame Lighter comes in black, blue, gray, gun pearl and burgundy and has a suggested retail of $140. Available at fine tobacconists or by calling 1-866-746-9026.