Cigar Aficionado

The CigGolfer

If cigars are a must for you on the golf course, it's a shame to have some unfortunate accident befall them during play. Golf can be frustrating enough. The last thing you need after a slice in the woods or a three-putt is the sight of your cigar falling into the wet grass or rolling off the cart onto the sidewalk. The CigGolfer from Morrison Smith Jewelers in Charlotte, North Carolina, is an elegant holder for your stick in between putts, chips, drives, or tantrums.

The handy cup-shaped implement is about the size of a shot glass with two sharp pegs extending from the bottom. Stick the pegs in the ground and place your cigar in the cup. The cigar goes in cap first and stands straight up with the foot facing skyward. The pegs also double as a divot-replacing tool, and in addition, the cup is perfect for measuring out a shot of whiskey in between holes.

Made of sterling silver and retailing for $100, the CigGolfer is not for everybody. Some may prefer the old tee or the corner of the mouth, but if you want a fail-safe reserve or a nice gift for a golfing cigar smoker, this presents a nice option.

CigGolfer can be personally engraved with initials or a corporate logo. For more information call Morrison Smith Jewelers at 800-505-0230.