The Cigar Spa

No, it's not an exotic retreat where the very best in premium smokes are interspersed between lavish body messages and trips to the pool and sauna. Rather, the Cigar Spa is a new humidification system made in Germany by Integral Designs, makers of the Porsche Design, Lotus and Bugatti brand accessories, with the goal of providing better control over the environment inside your humidor.

With a single push-button system, the device can be adjusted to the desired humidity level -- anywhere between 65 and 75 percent -- and give you readings on the current humidity level. The digital screen tells you your desired level of humidity, the actual humidity in the humidor, the temperature and the average humidity over a three-day period. This is achieved through a microprocessor, which adjusts humidity based on the conditions in the box. If the humidity falls below the desired level, the microprocessor will activate a pump to release more moisture into the air -- with a slight humming noise.

The Spa has an eight-fluid-ounce water tank, which is wrapped in a layer of Gortex fabric that allows the moisture to escape through tiny holes but is resistant to bacteria, so there should be no cleaning involved. The Spa can accommodate a 100- to 150-cigar-capacity humidor. Distilled water is recommended. It runs on four AA batteries, which will last approximately one year, and the water tank needs to be refilled every three to six months.

While the Cigar Spa is user-friendly, with good performance and quality construction, it takes up a great amount of space and it isn't cheap. Unlike passive humidifiers, which sit out of the way inside the lid of the box, this six-and-a-half-inch-long, two-inch-wide unit sits on the floor of your humidor, taking up space that could be used for your smokes. And it retails for $399, so unless you have a high-end humidor, it's hard to justify buying such a device, as it is priced higher than many lower-end humidors.

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Photo by Jean Schwarzwalder