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The Cigar Caddy by OtterBox

For those who cannot climb a mountain, hook a prized catch or sink a putt on the 18th hole without a victory smoke at the ready, the Cigar Caddy from OtterBox aims to ensure that your cigar will be there when the moment of truth arrives.

Nearly crushproof and watertight up to 100 feet, the Caddy is built to withstand a fall from a high ledge, a close encounter with a golf cart wheel or a swim in a raging river. A silicone gasket around the rim of the lid will lock in your cargo airtight and lock out almost anything else. The rigid, plastic exterior has hard lines and a burly construction analogous to an ammo box. Push open the clasps -- give it a little elbow grease because they don't come apart easily -- and pop the lid, which releases a suction pucker of reassurance. The interior is lined with foam padding, undulated to cradle your smokes. If you're really paranoid, there is also a lanyard on the side of the box to wrap around your wrist.

Of course, with protection being its main goal, the case is not style-conscious, so it might look a bit out of place at a fine restaurant or an upscale cigar lounge. You can have the Cigar Caddy in any color as long as it's black. The case comes in four sizes: two-stick capacity, five, 10 and 15. Except for the two-stick model, each is equipped with a humidification device placed in the lid. The cases have suggested retail prices between $20 and $30.

Call OtterBox at 1-888-695-8820 for more information.

Photo by Mary Galligan

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"i hac=ve a 2 stick & 15 stick model. perfect for travel!" —April 25, 2012 04:48 AM
"Very good case. I use mine often. Great investment." —December 31, 2010 00:29 AM