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The Burner

From a firearm to a stove range, there are many meanings to the word "burner," but Alec Bradley has added one more application with The Burner, a very unique butane table lighter. The design is a curious departure from most of today's streamlined table lighters, as the industrial form seems to allude to both vintage welding and your ninth grade chemistry class (think Bunsen Burner).

One of the most uncommon and useful features of this lighter is that it allows you to adjust the intensity of the flame, which can be very handy seeing how most torch butane lighters burn at only one temperature. Ignition is an easy three step process: Turn the long gas knob until you hear that familiar hiss, click the starter and adjust the flame to your desired height, but be careful. The flame will jump up and out if you let out too much gas, and it instantly reaches temperatures as hot as, according to the maker, 2,450° F.

Once lit, The Burner emits a beautiful, clean blue flame that ranges from the mellow to the furious. The large, one-inch diameter surface area of the mushroom-shaped flame nozzle helps ensure that the entire foot of your cigar is evenly toasted, depending on how patient and ceremonious you are when lighting up.

The Burner's three-and-a-quarter inch diameter footprint won't occupy too much room on your table top and a full tank can give you anywhere from one to two hours of burning time. The Burner retails for $49.95.

"One thing I like a lot is the temp doesn't get too hot like the torches do And as we all know the cooler the light-up the better the smoke and the flame aint as agressive as some torch lighters tend to be." —August 25, 2011 00:27 AM
"This bad boy is great and a good conversation piece as well, My buddy has one and it makes it through the late night puff parties when any pocket lighter will have sputtered out..." —May 7, 2011 07:11 AM