Cigar Aficionado

The Boston Little Guy

The Boston Cigar Cutter Co. makes a pocket-sized cigar cutter that is a bit out of the ordinary.

Dubbed The Little Guy, it is the little brother to the much bigger and better known tabletop cutter that cannot fit into a pocket. It is essentially a guillotine slicer with a different slant. The normal flat, arched blade is traded for something called a "cat's eye," which consists of a tempered, surgical steel blade honed in a triangular form. The oblong wedge-shape incision it makes in the cap of your cigar bears a striking resemblance to a feline's pupil, a feature also found in the tabletop version.

About the length and width of the average matchbox and weighing next to nothing, the Little Guys are handcrafted at the company's Bellingham, Massachusetts, workshop in one of four woods: lacewood, bloodwood, black walnut and figured maple. The ends and bottom are equipped with brushed stainless steel. The piece can accommodate up to a 56-ring-gauge cigar and is also available with customized laser engravings on the wood surface.

Boston Cigar Cutter has been in the market since 1993. New management took over in 2004, and the company has experienced a resurgence as of late.

Boston Cigar Cutter products are available at 200 retailers throughout the United States. The Little Guy has a big suggested retail of $149 price due, in part, to the small-scale, hands-on production.

Photo by Jean Schwarzwalder