Cigar Aficionado

The Big Giove Ashtray

Make some room on your desk for the 2003 Limited Edition Giove Ashtray from Prometheus. Get rid of the bouncing steel balls, miniature dartboard and magnetic sculptures; with a diameter of eight inches and standing two and a half-inches tall, this ashtray needs a wide berth.

Not for the buttoned-up smoker, this extravagant piece screams for attention. Your ashtray floats atop a diaphanous eight-pound dome of pure crystal fashioned in the Tuscany region of Italy. Light is refracted off the smooth edges and peg-like structures housed within the crystalline cupola. Despite its size, the ashtray is built to cradle only one cigar at a time. But practicality is not the name of the game here. This is as much a piece of eye candy as it is a receptacle for your cigar ashes.

Only 500 of the ashtrays were made in 2003, each of which is stenciled with the serial number and date. The 2003 Giove Ashtray retails for $295 and is available at fine tobacconists.