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The Antique Cigar Art Playing Cards and Poker Set

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To most women, poker night is something out of a Grade-B horror movie, with a bunch of guys sitting around a table eating chips, belching beer, spewing profanities and filling the room with cigar smoke. Most guys have a different view of the evening. They see a night of camaraderie and fine, premium cigars, time away from a significant other, and hanging out with the boys.

Oh, and there's also a little gambling.

If you're a poker player and a cigar smoker, what better way to play than with cigar art playing cards? Featuring cigar box art from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the set contains two decks of cards with more than 100 different images, including Mark Twain, Charles Lindbergh and U. S. presidents. The cards re-create the colorful and wide array of cigar boxes during this period, and turn an ordinary deck of cards into something more. Along with the playing cards, the set comes with 100 poker chips, four dice and a wooden gift box.

The Antique Cigar Art Playing Cards and Poker Set retails for $25. For more information, call BC Specialties at 888-886-8220.

"What a cool concept. Love to see creative applications of art. The cigar culture is so rich but people are generally unaware of the history and personalities involved. This set is a cool way to enlighten people. My website is also about art in the cigar culture. There seems to be an a lack of art associated with cigars. Hoping too fix that as best I can." —February 8, 2011 00:15 AM