Cigar Aficionado

The Ambassador

A man carrying this travel humidor through the airport terminal or train station would not look inappropriate with an entourage of security personnel as an escort, and perhaps a handcuff clasping his wrist to the case handle. Although it may look as if he's escorting the Hope Diamond or the latest in top-secret espionage technology, he is merely a businessman on a business trip -- and he loves cigars.

The Ambassador by Zero Halliburton, made exclusively for and distributed by Cigar Classics Inc., attempts to provide the utmost protection for your cigars over a long journey with little hassle. The frame is constructed from anodized aluminum, and the inside is lined with a layer of "anti-fungal" sponge and three undulating plastic and sponge trays each capable of holding up to 10 "A" size cigars. A new humidification device from Paradigm Systems, which is encased in aluminum and epoxy, the humidifier can keep cigars moist for up to four months without service. A digital hygrometer is also included.

The humidor might not be bulletproof, but it certainly looks tough enough to keep your cigars from getting stomped, crushed or bent.

The Ambassador travel humidor is available in two colors, silver or black. Gold is also an option but only through special order with a minimum quantity required. The humidor retails for about $500 and can be ordered from Cigar Classics Inc. by calling 1-800-371-3954.