Thanksgiving Smokes

Thanksgiving Smokes

Thanksgiving just might be the perfect holiday. You spend the day with loved ones, sit down to a large meal, watch professional football on TV, and no one expects a gift. 

I often add a cigar to that mix—making a great day even better. I like a good, rich, stronger smoke after a big Thanksgiving meal (heck, is there any other kind?). At my house I would likely smoke that cigar inside, in my smoking room, while watching one of the games. When I’m a guest in someone else’s home—as I will be this year—my cigar is almost always smoked outdoors.

So this year, my Thanksgiving smoke may not happen, for two reasons. First, my usual Thanksgiving smoking partner, my father-in-law, won’t be with us this year because he’s out of the country visiting other family members. Second, we’re looking at record cold for this holiday, and since I can’t smoke inside the house where I’ll be dining, my cigar will only be welcome outside. I won’t be lighting up if it’s too cold.

But we’ll see how the weather behaves, and we’ll see how brave I am when the meal is done. 

This is one subject where Greg Mottola and I disagree. I’m a believer in having the Thanksgiving cigar after the meal, with a full belly. Greg likes to have his Thanksgiving cigar before he eats. 

Where do you stand on the matter of a Thanksgiving smoke? Do you plan on smoking a cigar tomorrow? And if you do, will you smoke it before your meal, or after?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.