Tequila is Hot!

Tequila, particularly on the high end, is the most exciting spirit category in the United States, with unprecedented demand
| By Jack Bettridge | From Gambling Guide, May/June 2022
Tequila is Hot!
Pop quiz: Name the oldest original North American spirit, a drink that is absolutely booming on the American market and being discovered by waves of new enthusiasts who are enticed by its quality after years of dismissing it as pedestrian. You could be forgiven if you answered Bourbon. Certainly, that homegrown whiskey category from the United States has shot to prominence after long being written off by Scotch drinkers. But for a far older spirit that hails from this continent, you have to range south of the border to Mexico, where Tequila was first distilled some 200 years earlier than Bourbon. The four-century-old product, which is made (mainly) in Jalisco, …
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