TCM Air First 55 H.H. Pelican

It takes a big man to wear a monster watch. But it takes a bigger man, with a bigger monster watch, to laugh at that man. So what happens when the one you're wearing can't make weight? You get the monster watch of monster watches: the TCM Air First 55 H.H. Pelican.

The Pelican (right) measures 55 millimeters in diameter and is one of the world's largest watches of its kind. It screams of strength and masculinity, and has all the functionality of a classic Italian military or pilot's watch, but is stylish and versatile enough to be worn to more formal occasions.

The TCM brand, which stands for Terra Cielo Mare and translates to Earth Sky Sea, was launched in 2001 by the Milan, Italy-based company Lo. Fo. Ce. and followed the growing trend of large watches. As the trend continues in 2006, the Air First Pelican pushes the limits of how big monster watches can be and still remain comfortable.

While it may not sound like much, a 55 mm (more than 2 1/8 inches) face is enormous. (Compare it with the next largest TCM at 47 mm, below.) It's what makes the Pelican stand out on your wrist and what garners the most attention. The size also accentuates the double numeral face—the minutes and seconds are on the outside, the hours on the inside—and the H.H., or Hidden Hand, illusion, which uses color effects to make the second-hand dial look as if it's beneath the face of the watch.

The Pelican also weighs in at a hefty 4.5 ounces. The casing is made with satin-finished stainless steel that's treated to appear black with the PVD (physical vapor deposition) plating process. While the watch initially seems to overwhelm your wrist, after wearing it for a little while, you hardly realize it's there.

The TCM Air First 55 H.H. Pelican is a limited-production watch, with only 500 pieces made. It is automatic-winding and features an ETA 2824 caliber movement. In the United States, the watch is available through Barney's and retails for $1,800.