Take It to the Streets

I think it is happening just about everywhere that smoking is being banned. There is a small underground movement of freethinking people who are determined to exercise their personal freedom to smoke. Granted, I don’t want to impose my smoking pleasure on someone who doesn’t like smoke, but that doesn’t mean governments should legislate in favor or against either one of our preferences.

That’s why I think it’s important that we go to the streets and we find places to smoke wherever we may be. OBVIOUSLY IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO BREAK THE LAW, BUT I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR PLACES TO SMOKE. I do it all the time.

Check out my video of a recent trip to Los Angeles, which can be a stronghold for the health fascists. I can’t tell you where, but I have some spots in Los Angeles that I hang out with friends where we can eat, drink and smoke to our hearts’ content. What a pleasure! Like the good old days in La La.

Film producer James Orr, a long time friend who has ived in Los Angeles for years, is right when he says that libertarian philosophies may one day prevail, if we all begin a grassroots movement to smoke despite draconian legislation that says otherwise.

Let’s not forget Prohibition from 1920 to 1933. It didn’t work. In fact, Prohibition hasn’t really worked anywhere. During the Prohibition in the states, speakeasies and other venues flourished where honest people could enjoy a drink. The same is now happening with smoking cigars. And I think it is a positive development.

Are you finding the same?

"I have a cigar bar right down the street from me. Are there no such establishments elsewhere?" —January 11, 2008 11:00 AM
"How does an American go to Cuba and not be arrested by his stupid government?" —January 23, 2008 19:53 PM
"JamesI am off to Cuba next month. First trip! Any recommendations?Dean" —January 16, 2008 22:56 PM
"Come on James. For us who are not connected to high powered friends and don't have the "in" in L.A. to get a hall pass to these places to smoke, we will be forever restricted by the laws. If I had your credentials, I too could be part of the movement. But until then, I sit here in my freezing garage with a jacket on smoking away." —December 12, 2007 21:49 PM
"James, You rank up there with Hugh Hefner as having one of the best jobs a person could have.I am so Jealous!!!" —January 8, 2008 22:59 PM
"James keep up the fight,I always say " if you can die for your country at 18 you can smoke "" —December 12, 2007 22:43 PM
"Amen Mr. Suckling; Keep talking about freedom and maybe people will stop to think about it. If anyone can help us turn the tide on anti-smoking hystericism, it is you, Mr. Mott, Shanken, Savona, etc... The revolution/evolution begins at CA! (after all, the cigar boom started w/ you gentlemen...) " —December 12, 2007 19:24 PM
"I agree....with u guys of course." —December 12, 2007 16:55 PM
"Ok James, how about sharing (privately if you want) the information with us Angelenos who are desperate for places to hang out with friends and have a cigar, food and drink." —December 26, 2007 11:31 AM