Cigar Aficionado

Tabletop Guillotine Cutter

What better way to fortify your reputation as a cigar aficionado than by owning a large steel-and-horn tabletop cigar cutter.

The Guillotine tabletop cigar cutter from Saladini is an ideal accessory for the guy who smokes a lot of cigars and wants a fast, easy, dependable cut. A standout on any desk or cigar lounge table, the Guillotine has to have the functionality of a well-engineered power tool and the appearance to suit someone with delicate tastes for the finer things. The steel frame rises out of a multihued base made of ox horn. A handle, resembling that of a cleaver, extends from the side of the device. Lift the blade by the handle, place a cigar tip in one of the two sizes ring gauge holes below and slice down. The size and weight of the blade leave less room for a miscut.

The tool is made in the Saladini workshop in Scarperia, Italy, a small town near Florence, renowned for its craftsmanship of knives. The Guillotine Cutter is imported by and available through Rubicon Estate, in Rutherford, California, which is owned by film-making great and cigar lover and winemaker Francis Ford Coppola.

The Guillotine Cutter's suggested retail price is $175. Supplies are limited. Call 800-575-9927 for more information.