Strip House Steak Knives

Strip House Steak Knives
Photo/Jeff Harris

You’ve invested time and money sourcing the perfect steak, obsessing over things like breed, feed and aging. Now that you’ve finally found a purveyor who can bring you these wonderfully flavorful (and expensive) chops of marbled heaven, why would you cut into them with a knife you saw on a TV infomercial at three o’clock in the morning? 

Because the perfect steak deserves quality cutlery, Schmidt Brothers forged a line of attractive steak knives that will cut meat cleanly with precision and accuracy. These are the same jumbo knives that are used at the Strip House restaurants in New York and Las Vegas, but are now available by the same name to beef connoisseurs who’ve decided to make steak night an in-house affair.

Hammered from German steel, each knife affords an extra level of control with the company’s signature Schmidt Brothers Curve—a contoured area located at the base of the blade. The Curve serves as a rest for your forefinger, allowing you to comfortably and precisely guide the blade while you remove the occasional strand of gristle or cut away those last bits of meat that can cling so stubbornly to the edges and corners of T-bones and ribs. Because the blade is so sharp, the knife will not tear the meat fibers apart as lesser steak knives might, but rather slice quickly and cleanly through layers of char, beef and fat. 

The five-inch blades are semi-serrated and rise out of a very sleek wooden handle crafted from black ash. Although these knives look heavy, they are surprisingly light and feel balanced in the hand. 

The entire set consists of four knives (at $120) and comes in a black oak box for storage and protection. Like all finer cutlery, these knives should be segregated from the rest of your utensils in order to keep the blades sharp and blemish free for as long as possible. And it’s probably not a good idea to cut a soda can in half with them either.