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Storm South of Cuba Brews in Tropics

A tropical low positioned 300 miles southwest of Havana is considered likely to develop into a tropical storm and move in a track that would take it over western Cuba, the country's premier growing region for premium cigar tobacco.

The system, which currently has winds of around 35 miles per hour, could bring flooding rain across Cuba before moving north into Florida. Tobacco is not planted this time of year due to the threat of storms, but severe rain and heavy wind could cause damage to the wooden casas del tabacos, or curing barns, that dot the Cuban countryside where tobacco is grown.

If the storm were able to strengthen enough, it would take the name Nicole. Either way, the National Weather Service said "heavy rains and strong gusty winds to tropical storm force are expected to affect the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Cuba today."

The Atlantic Hurricane season ends November 30.