Cigar Aficionado

Stinky's Stand

After months of development, sifting through prototypes shaped by feedback and setbacks, Stinky Cigar has released a floor stand to accompany its popular ashtray.

Like the ashtray, it is a simple concept that makes sense. The focal point is the handle, which arches over the top of the stand, providing an easy means of transporting the unit from one place to the next. However, unlike the monochromatic, steely ashtray, the appearance and design of the floor stand are anything but simple. Measuring about three feet tall, made of polyresin and hand-painted, the stand mimics many of the implements one might find on a cigar smoker's table. The base looks like a bundle of cigars fanned out into a circle. The midsection of the stand is molded to resemble a big Churchill in mid-smoke sporting a healthy ash and synthetic cigar band. The round platform on the top looks like wooden matchsticks with red tips, and is crafted specifically to support the ashtray. The arching handle mirrors the midsection with a replica-burning-preferido handle.

The appearance of this product is not going to be for every taste, but for Stinky, the owner of the eponymously named company, this has been a labor of love. He started out with his cigar buddies' need for more ashtray room and branched out to a hobby and now a business. The Stinky's Cigar floor stands have a suggested retail price of $84.95 and are sold separately from the ashtrays.

Call 1-877-631-4659 for more information.

Photo by Mary Galligan