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Steph Curry Lights Up After Winning Second NBA Title

Jun 13, 2017 | By Blake Droesch
Steph Curry Lights Up After Winning Second NBA Title
Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry puffing a cigar inside Oracle Arena after winning his second NBA championship.

After a record-breaking postseason led the Golden State Warriors to their second NBA championship in three years, there was only one thing left for star point guard Steph Curry to do: light up a cigar.

The now two-time NBA champion left the locker room celebration at Oakland's Oracle Arena last night puffing a cigar as he sat down for a post-game interview. The smoke, according to Curry, had a special significance.

"The backstory is after Game 7 last year, I told one of my close friends to save this for a year from now to be able to enjoy the process and journey," Curry told NBA TV after the Warriors' Game 5 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. "I've been waiting a whole year to smoke this. So I'm going to enjoy every last bit of this butt."

The Warriors suffered a debilitating loss in last year's Finals, losing Game 7 to the Cavaliers after leading the series 3-1 and watching Lebron James light up his victory cigar inside the Warriors' home arena.

But it was Curry—along with teammates Kevin Durant (who was named Finals MVP), Draymond Green and Klay Thompson—who had the last laugh in 2017. The Warriors and the Cavaliers have faced off in the Finals three years in a row; Golden State has now won two of those championships.

Golden State's 16-1 playoff record is the best in NBA history. They also became the first team to score at least 100 points in every playoff game.

As Curry sat down to address the panel of broadcasters, shooting guard Klay Thompson chimed in on his cigar. "That looks delicious by the way, Steph," he said.

"As a writer for a cigar lovers perikdical, it seems illogical that you would not ask or investigate tbe brand of cigar chosen to be smoked by an NBA world champion. To say it doesn't matter was a dissapointment to me." —June 17, 2017 17:31 PM
"There are other pictures of Curry with the cigar. The others still show the band and it looks like a Behike 54 or 56. " —June 15, 2017 12:04 PM
"Doesn't matter, apparently, Jeff. Also, the word debilitating is indeed defined as David indicated. But the word to use in this context is "devastating." It was not a debilitating loss, as it did not (clearly) have a longterm negative effect on the team. A debilitating loss is something like losing the use of one's legs. In sports, the closest you might get to being able to describe a loss as "debilitating" would be if the game in which the loss occurred was also a game where the team lost a player to significant injury. Last year's loss did not appear to weaken the team in any way. If anything it strengthened them. And that's how this word nerd sees it." —June 13, 2017 19:48 PM
"As an aficionado what did he smoke?" —June 13, 2017 18:18 PM
"No, we didn’t get the ID of the cigar, but knowing that one of the biggest stars in the NBA lit up after tasting victory is something we wanted to share with our readers. After all, this is what cigars are all about. As to your remark about the word debilitating, the writer is fully aware of the definition, which means to rob of strength, to weaken. Last year this team was up 3-1, yet failed to win. The writer is saying that the loss took a little something from the team. Said another way, it was a painful loss that left its mark. Thanks for visiting our web site. " —June 13, 2017 18:03 PM
"Two things: 1. The single important piece of info here is, what cigar was it. You left that out. 2. I don't think you know what the word "debilitating" means." —June 13, 2017 17:46 PM

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