Steakhouses for Cigar Lovers

Steakhouses for Cigar Lovers
Photo/Julie Soefer
After feasting on thick steak at Pappas Bros.’ Houston Galleria location, enjoy a cigar from its well-stocked humidor. The smokes are served in style (right) in a comfortable outdoor smoking area.
Nothing pairs with great steak better than fine cigars. We found more than 30 steakhouses where you can break out a robusto after a delicious meal
The waiter in the white shirt and black vest has delivered your cocktail, a Martini so cold you think your teeth might crack as you take that first sip. You move on to the oysters, shucked and on the half shell, then slice into a massive but tender bone-in rib steak, the meat seared brown on the outside but a vibrant red medium-rare in the center. It’s Prime beef—the USDA’s highest grade—and has been dry-aged for a month. This is an elite type of meat, something you will only find at a top-tier steakhouse. Sated after this luxurious indulgence of beef (along with the requisite sides like creamed spinach and hash brown potatoes), you sip the last of your trophy red …
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