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Steak Knives for Tobacconists

Cigars and steaks are two great tastes that are often paired together. Altadis U.S.A. Inc., one of the leading producers of cigars in the world, is embracing this age-old relationship with an eye toward the current face of the retail shop.

With the cigar industry rapidly changing in most markets, manufacturers have been looking for new revenue streams and retail tobacco shops have been offering a more diversified inventory. The addition of steak knives is one example of this trend.

"Due to smoking restrictions, consumers are spending more time in their local retail tobacco shops," said Janelle Rosenfeld, vice president of advertising for Altadis U.S.A., which is introducing its own set of steak knives to the market.

"It only makes sense that items that appeal to cigar smokers would be appropriate inventory additions. Most men love a good cigar and a good steak…so the steak knives seemed like a perfect fit."

Altadis, which produces such cigar brands as Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo and Saint Luis Rey, conceived the idea for a $150 set of six knives over a dinner of company executives during the 2006 Retail Tobacco Dealers of America convention in Las Vegas.

The knives, which are branded with the Montecristo emblem near the base of the blade, are crafted in highresistance stainless steel with riveted black handles and serrated edges. The rust-proof carvers come in a hardwood box also bearing the Montecristo seal. They will be sold exclusively at tobacconists.

From the April 19 issue of Cigar Insider.