S.T. Dupont’s Black Light Collection

Few but pleasant are the activities that can be enjoyed in the dark (wink wink), and now, thanks to the glow-in-the-dark Black Light Collection from S.T. Dupont, we can add cutting and lighting a premium cigar to that list.

With the proliferation of smoking regulations forcing so many of us to step out in the dark to enjoy our cigars, it is comforting to know that phosphorescent spots dot the three pieces of the collection—a lighter, cutter and pen—and emit a green glow so you can safely orient yourself to the controls in low-light conditions.

Located on the trigger of the lighter, both sides of the cutter and atop the pen, these dots are not the gimmicky kind found on cheap children’s toys, but rather a marvel of photoluminescent pigment technology called Luminova. After being activated by a light source, Luminova, which is used in military-grade gun sites and aviation instruments as well as on high-end watch dials, provides up to 10 times the brightness of previous glow-in-the-dark materials, and for a longer period of time.

A military aesthetic is apparent in the limited-edition collection as the pieces sport a matte-black finish and polished-black lacquer accents. While S.T. Dupont has clearly emphasized beauty with the Black Light Collection, the French accessories maker did not skimp on practicality as all three pieces operate smoothly.

If the lighter and cutter look familiar, it’s because they are modeled on Dupont’s MaxiJet line. Acclaimed by cigar enthusiasts for its thin, ergonomic shape and minimal weight, the MaxiJet lighter features an adjustable, windproof, single-torch flame that is ignited by a side trigger button and won’t exhaust its butane supply too quickly.

The double-guillotine cutter, which is large enough for 60-ring-gauge cigars, opens with a spring when the side triggers are pushed in, making it possible to operate with one hand.

The ballpoint pen, which is based on the company’s luxury Défi series, is responsive, precise and proficient. The lighter and cutter are packaged together for $475 in a case that includes protective leather pouches, while the pen retails for $425. All three can be found at finer tobacconists.

Visit st-dupont.com.