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S.T. Dupont James Bond 007 Collection

A mysterious woman slides into the next seat at the casino table wearing a backless red dress. Coyly smiling at you, she takes a smoke from her handbag and places it to her lips. You suavely remove your S.T. Dupont lighter from the breast pocket of your tux, ping it open and offer her a flame. She smacks away your hand and a vicious Kung Fu fight ensues only to conclude with a warm embrace, a roguish comment on your part and a sojourn up to your lavish hotel room.

OK…you may not be James Bond, but you can sure appreciate the fantasy. Perhaps this is why S.T. Dupont chose 007 as its subject for the latest limited-edition line of lighters and accessories. From China to Jamaica, the international secret agent is always at the top of his game and the top of the food chain with the best woman, the best looks and the best gadgets.

The collection pays tribute to the stylish sensibilities that are the hallmarks of Ian Fleming's pop hero and celebrated by the Bond enthusiast. Handcrafted in gunmetal or brushed palladium, the series is designed after the Walter PPK pistol—the firearm of choice of the man with a license to kill. The mix of diamond-head guilloche patterns and large engraved lines mimics the appearance of a gun grip. The lighters' roll bar ignition is fashioned like the bullet of the PPK and doubles as a timeline decoder so you can meet an arch villain or mere business associate in a prompt fashion. The decoder is also featured on the writing instruments and key chains.

The seven-piece collector's set is sold in gunmetal only and comes cleverly organized in the shape of a PPK pistol encased in a replicated gun box. It includes a Line 2 lighter ($1,135 in gunmetal and $1,007 in brushed palladium) and Gatsby pocket lighter ($1,075 and $950), a Jeroboam table lighter ($3,260 and $3,140), a large-size fountain pen with laser pointer ($1,060 and $940), a ballpoint pen/pencil ($720 and $600), a key ring ($390) and palladium bullet cuff links ($230). The set retails for $7,870. The seven products, along with 18 others in the James Bond 007 Limited Edition Series, are available for individual purchase. All items come engraved with a 007 logo.

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