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Spring is Coming

This weekend we pushed ahead the clocks and, at least in the northeast, got a beautiful early taste of spring. On Sunday, I cleaned off our outdoor table while my wife sautéed some grey sole, and the family had our first outdoor lunch of the season. We got a bit fancy for a lazy Sunday afternoon, doing the full spread with the fish entree, some sauteed green beans in olive oil, some fresh Italian bread and a bottle of wine. Who could blame us for getting excited? The temperatures hit 70 degrees. After months indoors, it felt about as good as you can imagine.

I fired up an old Padrón 1964 Millennium Series to do the afternoon right. The cigars have aged gracefully, full of sweet coffee flavor with a little more spice than a typical Padrón. It was balanced and elegant, a fitting cigar for a great day.

When the weather starts to crack, it allows a lot of people to get back to their regular cigar-smoking schedule. Smoking indoors isn’t easy in many places. When it gets warm, the cigars come out. Before you know it baseball season will start, the golf clubs will be dusted off and out of the basement and the gray of winter will start to be replaced by green and colors of spring. I can’t wait.

Are you ready for cigar smoking weather?

"Me too Dave, me too!" —March 11, 2009 06:38 AM
"there is something very unatural about not being able to pick up the cigar from the ashtray becasue your fingers are too numb (from the cold) to operate. now, everytime i go out to light up, i wont have to take half an hour to don all my tundra attire. and the sad part is, i live in central florida. good post. " —March 15, 2009 02:39 AM
"I was ready November 30th, although I at least smoke in my home at my leisure. " —March 11, 2009 16:08 PM