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Spice of Life in Cuban Cigars

Sometimes I get the idea that people think Cubans are not very savvy with their marketing and product development and that they spend most of their time just sitting around, reading the national newspaper, Gramma, and contemplating life. They think that the Cuban cigar industry is in some sort of time warp.

This couldn't be farther from the truth. The Cuban cigar industry, especially with the help of their Spanish partner in Altadis S.A. in Madrid, is doing just fine, in my opinion.

I continue to be surprised with the latest releases from Habanos S.A., the global distribution and marketing organization for Cuban cigars in Havana. Take a look at the new release for duty-free shops in airports that is hitting the market in a few weeks. How cool is this? Twenty-five short Partagas Torpedos in a black ceramic jar. Where do I buy one? It's called the Partagas Serie P No. 1. Only 4,000 jars were produced. I don't know the price, but they shouldn't be stupidly priced.

Or how about the new tubes for the Trinidad Robusto T? I have written this before, but the Robusto T is one of my go-to cigars now. I love the rich and beautiful flavors, but they remain balanced and refined. I can't think of a better tube to put in my jacket pocket for a night out.

The packaging for the new Cohiba Gran Reserva is certainly nothing to turn your nose up at. I still believe it's a perfect smoke. But looking at the dark wood case, beautiful bands and sub-bands for the smoke, they say class.

Anyway, I am always looking forward to the latest release from Habanos. It keeps smokers on their toes and adds to the spice of life that we are all seeking.

"Shazam, the old magic of the island, so gladu got thru so easily. soon we will all be enjoying the balmy breezes and the isom again." —October 25, 2009 10:12 AM
"James, I have read your material for years and am now enjoying the blog. I agree, their are two types of misinformed people in the states, some who still live in the 80's and think cuban cigars are it and everything else is just garbage that is farmed in inferior places and soils trying to imitate and some who are convinced that the cuban's have been so outdone that they have given up and produce junk (most of this crowd hasn't smoked good cubans or got stuck with fakes). I feel gray in such that the cubans still and always had a special thing going for them and that is the taste that only cuban's can grow. Their only down fall in my opinion is their quality control and consistency which has been surpassed by the new kids on the block. I feel that one country's tobacco is no better than the other and we are all just arguing which burger joint taste's best. They all have good and bad things to offer. People tend to bad mouth things they don't know or understand.On another note I smoked an esplendidos last night boxed from 8/08 and they tasted much better than the last 2 siglo VI boxes I've bought. Are the esplendidos just doing better right now?" —October 16, 2009 18:10 PM