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Smoking Suit Against Caesar's Palace Dropped

A lawsuit filed by a former employee that claims conditions in the Caesar's Palace casino in Las Vegas exposed workers to dangerous levels of secondhand smoke was abruptly dropped last week.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, the suit was dismissed because "outside forces" interfered with the litigation and the law firm that filed the complaint could no longer represent the lead plaintiff.

In July, the Chicago-based law firm KamberEdelson LLC filed a class action complaint in Nevada on behalf of Tomo Stephens, a former blackjack dealer who worked at the casino for 20 years, against Harrah's Entertainment, the company that manages Caesar's.

The suit claimed Stephens developed pre-cancerous cells in her stomach due to exposure of secondhand smoke on the gaming floor of Caesar's. The suit says Stephens was advised by her doctor to quit working at the casino because the secondhand smoke would aggravate her stomach condition.

The suit sought to represent as a class all former, current and future employees of Caesar's who potentially could be exposed to dangerous levels of secondhand smoke.

Jay Edelson, an attorney with KamberEdelson, told the Las Vegas Sun that another lawsuit will be filed on behalf of a different plaintiff who has yet to be named.