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Smoking in Bed

Do you ever dream about smoking cigars? I must admit that I normally don't. I dream about many other things. And I prefer to dream about one thing in particular. But cigars normally don¹t come to mind as I am dozing away at night.

This weekend, though, I dreamed about cigars. I am not sure what my former psychiatrist would say about this. I was seeing her for other reasons than smoking. But I haven't seen her in a couple of years. So it doesn't matter. She would have said something obtuse, or asked a bunch of useless questions. Talking to her was essentially like talking to a mirror.

So I Googled my nocturnal experience, typing "dreaming of cigars," and I came across a Web site called There was a section on dreams. Unfortunately, it was not what I was looking for. It looked like a Web site for frustrated, unpublished authors, or housewives with bad aspirations of writing. It is not a Web site I will be revisiting any time soon!

I typed in "cigar dreams" and I found a Web site from a group called Global Oneness called "Co-creating a Happy World." I felt a little better. This seemed like a nice place to visit. But it only offered this in its "Dreams Interpretation Dictionary." It read: "A relaxed state of mind. For Freud this would symbolize a phallic symbol."

Freud just made things too simple. Everything was a phallic symbol for the guy. I think he took too many cold showers. Of course, back then most people did. But the guy was definitely not getting enough. A cigar can just be a cigar. I am sorry.

I tried one last time. I typed "cigars and dreams." And the first thing that came up was a London Times story from June 21, 2005. The headline was "The Secret Life of Saddam: nachos, cigars and dreams of ruling again."

I decided to give up on my quest for the meaning of my cigar dream on the Internet.

Who cares anyway? It was a happy dream. I was smoking a Lusitania in Havana on the Malecon, the beautiful oceanfront boulevard that skirts the sea and the city. The double corona had such beautiful tea, honey and cappuccino aromas and flavors. It was an aged cigar from a cabinet of 50. I would say it came from the early 1990s. I could only see my face with the cigar and me smoking away with the warm sun and humid climate touching my face. I had a smile. What a smile. I was in nirvana.

Considering I haven't had a smoke in about 10 days, it made the dream even nicer. I got pneumonia in Los Angeles and arrived back in Italy with a bad lung. But I am convalescing nicely now.

I remember Fidel Castro told me in 1994 that he used to dream about cigars.He seemed to feel a little guilty about the dream. It was when Marvin Shanken and I interviewed him for Cigar Aficionado and we spent five hours with the leader. I didn't tell Castro—Shanken would have killed me—but I wanted to tell him not to worry about his cigar dreams because it's not like dreaming about cheating on your wife, or something worse. (I am not married anymore so I don't have this problem.) Castro would have had a good laugh.

Anyway, cigar dreams can be a nice thing. And I hope you have one soon.

"One of my all-time favorite CA articles was with Raul Julia. He talked about he would smoke cigars in bed while reading Proust in Russian. That's bad-ass!" —November 24, 2008 16:51 PM
"I dream of cigars when I dont smoke one for a few days.I knew you must have not had one before you even mentioned it.This was nothing more then you missing one of the simple pleasures in life.So I guess you were correct-Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar:)" —November 29, 2008 15:56 PM
"James,I do too dream of smoking cigars. Its not the actual cigar that sticks out, but the place. Like the one you mentioned. I guess its because the only place i have to smoke is on my cold back porch. " —November 24, 2008 14:23 PM