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Smoke Like an Egyptian

Although it has not yet been unearthed from the cavernous innards of the Pyramids, Pharaoh's cigar lighter probably looked something like this.

The new Pharaoh Limited Edition series from S.T. Dupont is composed of three lighters and two pens that resemble recently excavated artifacts from the tomb of King Tut. They are a tribute to the great Nile civilization of old and the latest design to the world theme lines from S.T. Dupont. Previous lines have featured Africa (2001), the Taj Mahal (2002) and the Andalusia region of southern Spain (2003).

Each piece is crafted with guilloche patterning on gold plated finishes and detailed in red, black and blue Chinese lacquer, as well as a greenish-blue malachite. The carvings on the faces and cornices of the lighters and on the bodies and caps of the pens feature pictorials with hieroglyphic images symbolic of an Egyptian creation myth.

However, this merchandise is not a gift from the gods. The five-piece set, which sells for $8,050, consists of: two styles of pocket lighters -- the Line 2 (retailing for $1,350) and the Gatsby ($1,250) -- the Jeroboam table lighter ($3,300), a ballpoint pen ($975) and a fountain pen ($1,175). Products are also available separately or as a two-piece package featuring the Line 2 lighter and fountain pen for $2,525.

Each piece, except for the Jeroboam lighters, is numbered from 1 to 2,575, which is the approximate date of the construction of the first Pyramid. The table lighters are numbered 1 to 300.

The collection is available at fine tobacconists and better gentlemen's stores. For more information, call S.T. Dupont at 800-341-7003.